Construction Project- Phase II

SWING CITY is the next phase in a multi-phased project to restore the Playground and renovate the Playhouse. This new play area, located below the Giant Wooden Slide, will feature 18 to and fro swings as well as three different sets of swings designed for group use. A giant net climber, seesaw, climber/spinner will complete this extensive space. The addition of SWING CITY will allow Smith to serve 200 children at any one time on the Playground. SWING CITY is scheduled to open in late summer.


June 6 2006- SWING CITY is coming!!!!

The crew from Haines and Kibblehouse are beginning to build drainage tunnels and channel pipes into two large basins.





     June 8, 2006

Basin A & B are being put together. This is where excess drainage water will be deposited. The team is also making the grading and stoning for the playground areas.





June 9, 2006

The crew has just finished piecing together Basin A and are awaiting the remaining parts for Basin B.







June 13, 2006

Basins A & B are completed! The next step is to place the piping so that excess water can drain into the Basins.




June 14, 2006

The circle has begun to take shape in SWING CITY. Contractors from Roma Concrete are working feverishly to lay the pavement out.



June 16, 2006

Concrete work is continuing and the  retaining wall that will surround swing city has begun to form. Finally, the southwest section of the grading is nearing completion.  Progress is really moving along quite nicely!





June 19-20, 2006

The Haines and Kibblehouse crew is really moving things forward! At this stage the piping is being maneuvered so that there won't be any drainage problems later on.  The laying of the brick wall surrounding SWING CITY is almost completed. The footing for the upper play areas are beginning as we speak.




July 3 2006

The Haines and Kibblehouse is continuing to do a  wonderful job on  the first portion of SWING CITY.  The next step is to lay the safety surface and add the play equipment.  The project is expected to finished and ready to go in August!



July 17, 2006

SWING CITY is nearing completion. It's getting more and more exciting each day. Today the playground equipment is being put together as well as the placement of the trees. 





July 21, 2006

More pieces of the swings are being constructed. In addition to the red and yellow swings sets a multi- pondo is being pieced together as well as beautiful plants. What fun!




July 31, 2006

The safety surface is being placed under the play equipment and the net climber is assembled. New and exciting items are coming everyday.  Check back for updates!





August 9, 2006

Swing City is up and running!  Come by and play!