Become a Smith Volunteer!

Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse welcomes volunteers. In the past year hundreds of volunteers pitched in at Smith, either independently or through organizations and corporations. Volunteers have helped do everything from preparing mailings to weeding gardens.

Would you like to become a summer camp assistant? Do you like to garden? Do you like to read to children? Do you like to do arts and crafts with youngsters? Would you like to teach children how to play chess? Are you a skilled "handyperson"? Do you like to research and write? Do you like to organize events? Do you like to clean? Do you like to raise funds? Are you a natural born promoter? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Smith wants you! Please consider joining Smith volunteer corps. Your contribution of time and talent will be invaluable to Smith's programming and maintenance. Please call 215-765-4325 or



Volunteers from the Berwind Corporation     
paint the pavilion.


Volunteers Rob Einhorn & John McDevitt clean the Playhouse terrace.



Sandy Drayer volunteers for Story time.


Volunteers from Harrington High relax after sweeping in the Playground.